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From the very beginning the winery has built itself on foundations of passion and vision, on friendship and connections, as well as on dreaming and creating. Thus its graphic identity has also been affected by these values: its own Old European emblem that symbolizes its Mediterranean roots as surnames of the two original founders.

In those days what Achaval-Ferrer has become today was merely a dream in the minds of the founders. Over 15 years have gone by. Today the brand is carried in over 70 countries, in more than 10 languages and different cultures. Due to this growth we have decided to begin a revisionary process and semiotic analysis of the brand and thus revamp our image.

So our logo will take on a new look. It will keep with its origins, elements and style, reinforcing its message of conjunction and union as well as the analogy of how it exists as a bridge between the Old and New worlds.

We would therefore like to share with all of you our brand new image. We truly hope that all of our loyal followers are happy with the change as well as those who will join us in the future.

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