Welcome to Achaval Ferrer

The human dream

At Achaval- Ferrer, we are united by the passion to make great wines, which are faithful gifts of the soil from where they begin.

We are a group of friends from Argentina and Italy, together since 1998, sharing dreams and undertakings, challenging ourselves to the commitment to base all of our work on extreme quality and respect for the earth. Santiago Achaval Becú, Manuel Ferrer Minetti, Marcelo Victoria y Diego Rosso and the Italians; Tiziano Siviero y Roberto Cipresso. Roberto, is a renowned Italian winemaker and specialist in small production and high quality wines.

The natural ally

Our estates are located in the province of Mendoza between 700 and 1.100 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.). This region offers privileged soil conditions, weather and irrigation, optimal for growing Malbec. Wide temperature changes (warm days and cool nights), desert-like climate, poor soil composition and irrigation waters from the pristine snowmelt off the Andes encourage the maturation process of grapes which converts into wines with character, profound structure and complexity.

Since the 1999 harvest, we have been able to achieve this common dream of producing, in small quantities, our first Achaval Ferrer wines, honoring the expression of both the varietal and vineyard soils.