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The soil is alluvial and silt-clay surface is 1 m. thick. The estate is surrounded by olive trees and quinces, with some rosemary plants that adorn it.



This estate of over 100 years, has vines that witnessed the beginning. At his side, go a few times a year how the Mendoza river receives a flow of water coming down directly from the mountains, and makes for a while to stop being a "dry" river. The planting density of 6,000 plants per hectare, all rootstock, which is typical for 1900.



Located at 1,050 meters above sea level in the La Consulta region of Valle de Uco, on the south bank of the Tunyan River surrounded by old chestnut trees lies this particularly beautiful little vineyard that dates back to 1925. The vineyard has 12 hectares of ungrafted Malbec. These strains are not threatened by phylloxera because the irrigation of these vineyards is caused by the flooding from melted mountain range waters that prevent insect survival.

The soil at 1 m. depth, a layer of "caliche" weak mantle of crushed calcium carbonate, which gives it a special character. This property is the basis of Chimera, and is planted on American rootstock, with a deplantación density of nearly 7,000 plants per hectare.