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Since the time it was founded, the wine cellar has pursued a path strongly marked by its philosophy and its vision of wine. Its Italian roots, given by Robert Cipresso himself, have been a pivotal contribution as an ideological foundation, which has been strengthened by team thinking, experience and oenological results.

Today, the cellar leaves an unmistakable seal on each one of its wines; this is a result of years of coherence, obsession and respect for nature.

The main pillars of production at Achaval-Ferrer, focus on the smallest necessary intervention between the earth and what becomes a glass of wine, ancient plants that are historical monuments of vine-growing, of extremely low performance, located on hills that are excellently
exposed to the sun on the edges of the Tupungato and Mendoza rivers, and of course, privileged natural sites that lead to the most pure and honest of messages that the earth can give to us.

“When it comes time to describe the cellar´s seal, the analogy of an island between
the Old and New Worlds come to mind.”